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Grundsatzerklärung: Qualitäts- und Umweltpolitik

We, the HARBORT GmbH & Co. KG, attach importance to the conservation of the environment and to the market-oriented quality of products and services of our company.
Therefore, the management of our company represents the following quality and environmental policy:

1. The purpose of our work is, to provide our customers with reliable and priceworthy products in order to be a powerful and reliable partner. All processes and activities are carefully planned and supervised, to manufacture safe and environmentally friendly.

2. The satisfaction of our customers and the fulfillment of our quality and environmental requirements are ensured by a close cooperation of all areas of our company.

3. The assurance of the quality of our products and the protection of the environment in the area of resources, emissions, and waste disposal, in compliance with the legal regulations, are working basis on each executive manager and every employee in the company.

4. Our main suppliers are admitted into our management system, to ensure that our quality and environmental requirements are also be understood and implemented there.

5. Cost-reduction measures are important, but will not go to the expense of quality and the environment.

6. The internal and external communication and self-responsible coordination of staff and managers are essential to the achievement of our goals and require a constantly further development.

7. The continuous improvement of processes and products in all areas and the expansion of our expertise through a targeted education and training of our employees are the basis for the further development of our management system.

8. We respect the provisions of the General equal treatment Act to prevent discrimination on grounds of sex, ethnic origin, religion or world philosophy, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Our quality and environmental policy covers all areas and activities, to achieve optimal quality, productivity and flexibility in the interests of our customers.
Our principle is: Quality and environmental awareness must be cultivated and not supervised!
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